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About us

Promocean is a dedicated Event and Sport Marketing company, working with the Sea, sailing and events as an effective communication platform.

Right now we offer you unique VIP covid safe events from May until October in the Baltic Area.


Skipper your own historical Cup class yacht, and relax while watching the modern Americ´s Cup yachts battle. Join us onboard a classic 21 metre long, beautifully restored wooden 12mR  class boat, and bring your most important business partners and colleagues to an unforgettable experience on the water.

For detailed program, pricing and availability - please contact bjorn@promocean.dk  

Our services


Promocean - A dedicated Sport Marketing company, working with the Sea, Sailing and Ocean Racing as an effective communication platform.


Our combined strenghts and experience within Yacht Racing and Sport Marketing, gives our partners a full 360 degree service portfolio, including, but not limited to:

  • Project Management. Documented experience in professional sailing project management.
  • Consulting - helping companies to navigate through the vast ocean of sponsor opportunities in sailing.

  • Communication - Working with the press and media is essential in any campaign. Promocean has extensive experience in working for and with media.

  • Teambuilding -  Using a boat as the tool and with experienced manpower we deliver teambuilding that really works and makes a difference. All while you have a great time.
  • Events - among all the different elements in sponsoring, well thought-out and well executed events are essential for a perfect campaign.

Our activities includes Olympic and World Champion Campaigns, Teambuilding sessions, Event Management and Documented Return on Investment for the participating partners.


Promocean offers consulting services to Companies, Organisations, Yacht Clubs, Teams, Individuals and others who are interested in working with sailing as a professional platform.


We are a team of experienced sailors, organizers and project managers - with intense knowledge about:


- Race Syndicate

- Sponsorhip

- Events

- PR & Communication

- Project Management


Our combined strenghts within Sport Marketing and creating sport results, gives our partners a full 360 degree service portfolio, with documented experience in professionel sailing and sport project management and we specializes in helping companies to navigate through the vast ocean of sponsor opportunities in sailing. 


Do not hesitate to get in contact with us, with your request. We can assure you a professional approach to any request.

Event examples

Short trip at Sea

We meet at the Yachts at Skovshoved - or at a port that suits you better.
Just af ew hours at Sea and you and your guest will be a life experience richer

Match Race

We can arrange and organise regattas with multiple Yachts so you can entertain many of guests at the same time. Experience close racing under guidance by our experienced Skipper and crew.

Bring your own chef

We can facilitate sailing experiences where we bring a  top level chef in order for you enjoy a nice meal in authentic maritime surroundings



I was at beginning a bit nervous, had never set foot on a sailboat before. But skipper and crew was very focused on safety and taught well what I should do. After short time I was all set. I will definately go sailing again


We are a bit competitive at work, so we used four boats to give us and our guests a great chance to have fun, while we compeded in some thrilling and fun races. Everything was well organised, from start to finish.


We wanted to give our colleagues a special day together. At same time we hoped this could be great way to work together without normal hieracy and  roles in the group. It was a great succes. Everbody was learning while having fun


We simply shoved up at the boats. They had all arranged, from fair weather to great sailing and a chef that made an outstanding meal for us after the sailing. What an unique experience to enjoy dinner and sunset onboard these amazing yachts

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